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Walking in Pain

Learning how to live while surviving abuse

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Who is C. Rene West

C. Rene West is an award winning author, publisher and documentary film producer. She has over 20 years experience in Law Enforcement, Investigations and Security Management and over 20 years in Business Management, Consulting, Marketing and Promotions.

Ms. West worked at the worlds most notorious Rikers Island as a Certified Drill Instructor, Officer and Assistant to Wardens, Division Chiefs and Special Unit Commanders, becoming the first officer to expose the dirty secrets of Rikers Island in her debut novel

"Caught in the Struggle: The Real Rikers Island."

Ms. West has a passion to give voice to the voiceless and a mission to encourage, uplift, and educate people through her books, magazines and film projects.

Today, she is using her experiences with domestic abuse to bring about changes in the laws and how people treat victims and the perpetrators of these crimes.

C. Rene West Promotions

Utilizes books, film, magazines, video and other forms of media to uplift, educate, inspire and inform  our readers and viewers. With the forth coming project The Junior Millionaires Club and Street Smart Soldiers Project, it is our mission to provide people with positive legal income opportunities to discourage criminal activity as an income opportunity.